The most precious life lesson in winter!
— praise little friends of UK Guan Yin Citta Chapter.

Christmas is just around the corner, teachers from UK Guan Yin Citta Chapter class organised a “care for love” lesson for their student. In this lesson, Buddhist teachers taught young Buddhists how to be selfless and gave warm by donating gifts to charity. Students used their own pocket money bought gifts and spread love for those who are needed. Teachers’ intention was to let students understand that “give” was more important than “get.” Moreover, teachers hoped students could cultivate compassion through this life lesson. In last year’s “care for love,” students bought small gifts to donate, this year, students decided to give some warm blankets as it was more practical!

The students wrapped the blankets into gifts and donated them to a nearby relief centre. Staffs from the relief centre expressed their gratitude to the Buddhist teachers, parents, and young Buddhists.
Along their way to charity, everyone noticed a few stragglers on roadside shivering in cold, young Buddhists decided to give some blankets to the tramps and homeless. Although that day was cold and drizzling, but young Buddhists were not affected because their faces showed bright smiles and joys. They were spiritually filled with warm and sunshine in substituted of the chilled winter.

All life deserves our respect, dignity, and compassion! Thanks for the hard work of Buddhist teachers from UK Guan Yin Citta Chapter in teaching young Buddhists to be humble and creating a harmonious society. Thanks for the parents insist on bringing their children to the Chapter hall, finally, thanks young Buddhists in practicing doing good deed diligently.

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