The Enlightenment Day of the Buddha

Laba Festival is a traditional Chinese holiday celebrated on the eighth day of the La Month, It is customary on this day to eat Laba Congee. It is known as the enlightenment day of the Buddha. It is a traditional festival that temples share Laba Congee with everyone.

On 5 Jan 2020, UK Guanyin Citta celebrated Laba Festival in two cities and 3 locations in the UK, including Islington Chinese Association London, China Town in London, Edinburgh and Liverpool. There were more than 60 guests were presented at Islington Chinese Association, not only did UK Guanyin Citta prepare Laba congee, but also vegetable buns, homemade sauce, and peanuts. Laba congee with beans was the most impressive dish, which was prepared and cooked 5 hours before the Laba event. The guests were amazed by the tasty Vegetarian meals.

During the Laba event, the guests watched the videos of Master Lu and Buddha, some of the guests attended most of our vegetarian events and French Buddism conference of Master Lu.

The aim of the Laba Festival Event was to share the compassion and generosity from Guan Yin Bodhisattva. Most importantly, Guanyin Citta warmly invites the guests to attend the Spanish Buddism conference in March 2020.

all the Buddhism books, DVDs and holy accessories were free for distributions as always. There were more than 25 people booked to attend the Spanish Buddism conference during the event. It was a rewarding day.

The true meaning of life is to change ourselves and to return to our true nature. Treat others the way you wish to be treated. That is what Guan Yin Citta is here for.

Free Fruit Giveaway at London railway station Picture 1
Free Fruit Giveaway at London railway station Picture 2

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