Charity Donation helps the British Red Cross provide PPE and other resources to those struggling with the Pandemic

Coronavirus (COVID-19) is an infectious disease that has spread all over the world since March 2020 and has greatly impacted the global economy. The British Prime Minister was left with no choice but to implement a series of lockdowns. Hence all outdoor activities, business, entertainment and schools were forced to close.

As a charity, many of our usual charitable activities have also been suspended and our temple has had to close. But our members have remained on hand to help the community to overcome difficulties brought on by the pandemic.

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Our charity’s donation of masks plus cash to the British Red Cross, has gone to support the most vulnerable communities, including families who are in refugee camps, suffering from the effects of the coronavirus pandemic with minimal healthcare provisions and the frontline medical aid workers supporting them.

In March 2021, 21,000 pieces of Type IIR Maks were donated to the British Red Cross response for use by frontline volunteers and staff who will be using masks for crisis response work and independent living services.

UK Guan Yin Citta Dharna Door Buddhist Charity Foundation would like to thank the British Red Cross for accepting our donation and for distributing it to those in need. We hope our mask plus cash donation will be a small but welcome contribution in aiding the British Red Cross to overcome the pandemic and we look forward to carrying out more charitable work in the near future.

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