2023 London Vegetarian Event

On August 5, 2023, the British Buddhist Charity Foundation held another vegetarian event that received significant responses and active participation from friends and various sectors. The majority of the attendees were elderly people, and the British Charity Foundation aimed to make the most of this opportunity to further care for the elderly. Volunteers provided a complimentary vegetarian lunch for the guests and invited London’s “Chinese Traditional Music and Art Teachers” to present a pipa performance at the event, along with offering free environmentally friendly tableware.

The purpose of this event was to promote the significance of environmental protection to everyone through the themes of vegetarianism and environmental consciousness. The event aligned with the WHO Environmental Day theme and aimed to highlight the close connection between low-carbon living, vegetarian diet, environmental preservation, and health promotion. Participants came together to relish delicious food while comprehending the importance of safeguarding the environment. Meanwhile, the event extended its care to the elderly, playing a positive role in the community.

VegFest Picture 2
VegFest Picture 1

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