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2017 Manchester’s Vegetarian Event

In an effort to raise awareness about the advantages of a vegetarian diet, the Charity Foundation hosted another vegetarian event on the 21st of May 2017. The event was held in Chinatown, Manchester.

Vegetarianism helps cultivate one’s compassion and saves the lives of countless animals. By not harming the lives of other living beings and not eating the meat of other animals, one will reduce one’s karma of killing and strengthen one’s sympathy towards the sufferings of mankind. A vegetarian diet not only helps improve one’s health, but also reduces the impact of climate change.

The vegetarian event held last week was a great success, attracting lots of participants from the Chinese community in Manchester.

2017 Manchester Vegetarian Event- Picture 1
2017 Manchester Vegetarian Event- Picture 2
2017 Manchester Vegetarian Event- Picture 3
Manchester Vegetarian Event 2017 (4)

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